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Welcome to SkinDoc2

What is the SkinDoc2 Project

The SkinDoc2 Project aims to provide a suite of development tools aimed at working with media player skins. There is already one tool available WMZOpen. Further tools include a visual skin editor, a source code editor, and a WinampOpen.


There are two distinct origins for this project. The first was a magazine article written just after the launch of Windows Media Player 7  tm. This article was in PCPlus and described how a Media Player Skin is just a zip file containing a bunch of graphic files and text files describing where the graphics files are located. At the time I thought wow it would be great to make an ide for writing skin files. The idea never got further than that.

Then in 2005 I was browsing SourceForge and came across a help request for developers for the SkinDoc project. The aim was to create a program to aid with the construction of WMP skin files. The team kicked a few ideas around and slowly the idea grew of a visual ide. Then one of the project members had to pull out due to work load considerations. The second team member pulled out due to starting university. Work started on the ide and other associated programs. Finally the project administrator pulled out.

Six months worth of work on an ide was too much to waste so SkinDoc2 was born. At present there is no team, but work still continues.