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Existing Programs


WMZOpen was the first program to be developed under the original SkinDoc project. This program designed to work in a similar way to archive programs like WinZip only for Windows Media Skin files.

The program has the following features:


This allows the user to open an existing file and view a list of the contents.

Extract Selected Files

Extracts all of the selected files to a location specified by the user.

Extract All Files

Extracts all files in the currently open skin file to a location specified by the user.

Add Single File

Adds a single specified file to the currently open skin file.

Add Files

Adds several files to the currently open skin file.

Pack Directory Into Skin

Creates a new skin file out of the contents of a specified directory.

Delete Selected

All selected files are deleted from the skin file.

Delete Files Of Selected Type

All files with the chosen file extension are deleted from the skin file. This is useful when creating a basic template file from an existing file.

View Selected File

Uses the internal viewer to preview the selected file (or first in the case of multiple selections). This works with sound, text and picture files (with the exception of animated gif files).


SkinDoc2 is an existing program in as far as it is under development. Code is in the CVS and an early alpha is available.

Presently although a lot of functionality is present under the skin the program has not yet reached a state which makes it useable for anything more than a preview.

The program is designed to be fairly flexible, through the use of template files which are xml based files different media players and versions can be catered for. Widget files are also xml based and cater for the variety of widgets available for a media player to use.

The first version of SkinDoc2 will contain a certain amount of internal hardcoding to cater for the differences between various types of media player. Therefore template file and widget files will only cater for version changes between supported media players.

Future version planning involves making SkinDoc2 a fully configurable plugin based ide.

Future Programs


As can be deduced from the name this will be a version of WMZOpen specifically for Winamp skin files.